Minggu, 24 Oktober 2010

got an email from my daddy last night ,
he said : HE WILL BUY ME A NEW PIANO !!!!
hahahahahahahha haaapppppyyyyyyyy happy happy ....

my daddy always tries to make me happy .
yes i'm happy.
but it's just short !
to be with my dad all time is what i want !
i don't care if he never buy me an expensive things every day !
i just want him to stay with me for a long time .

last mont, my dad went to australie for 10 days. then he came home just for ONE DAY !
the next day, he went to Jogja to study (doctor program) at the university .
he stayed a week there .
after that, he came home but he only stayed for ONE DAY again.
at the next day, he went to Bangkok and Lao . 

do you know how long my dad and i spend time together in a month ?

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